French courses abroad
French courses abroad
French courses abroad
French courses abroad

French courses abroad

With Yalea Languages you can take French courses in the following countries:

View of Eiffel Tower and rooftops


Charming – A carefree land of culinary delights

Language courses abroad in Canada


Naturel – Incredible scenery and cultural diversity

A blue sky with brushes of white cloud. A steep mountain peak sticks into the air high above the mountain range it is a part of. The mountains are scattered with snow. Brown fields and a reflective lake sit in the foreground.


Pur - Majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and delicious chocolate

Palm trees rise above a white sand beach and the bright blue sea


Paradisiaque – Caribbean beaches, Creole culture and delicious food

Waterfall surrounded by rocks and trees

Réunion Island

Exotique - Impressive hiking, endemic flora and tropical beaches

Yalea Languages - Language courses abroad
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